Impossible Civilization V Scenario Ends With An Unexpected Twist

Impossible Civilisation V Scenario Ends With An Unexpected Twist

Video: Swedish YouTuber Kilian decided to show us how to beat the game on the hardest difficulty in 50 turns. While playing as Venice, with domination victory only. Those are factors that would make winning pretty much impossible. It's a parody video (a really smart one), so things go out of control pretty quickly.

Venetians cannot train Settlers and thus cannot found any new cities (besides their capital). That makes a domination victory, where you have to conquer every opponent on the map, quite difficult. It's not impossible, but under in 50 turns, it really is.

But not for Kilian! He has a twist ready at the end that would make M. Night Shyamalan jealous. And his Swedish accent just makes the clip so much better.


    These articles where you have to watch a video to get the punchline are annoying. sometimes at work I can quickly read an article but not watch a video. It's like reading a novel to find the back page ripped out.

      I would normally agree with you, please watch this video though. If you've ever played Civ V it's just gold :D

        Haha, finally got a chance to see it and as a Civ fan that was definitely worth it.

    You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

    Just tell us in the article dammit!

      No you really need to watch the vid. Saying it in the article would be pointless. The video is just satire.

    So, that BabaYetu appears to be popular between CiV players huehuehue

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