It Has Come To This (NSFW)

It Has Come To This

This image comes from a game called Balls Kicking Simulator 2016. I would say we've hit peak Steam Greenlight, but I'm not sure that's possible anymore.

Here's a trailer to prove that, yes, this is a real game that exists:

The developers claim it's a joke — likely at the expense of Steam's hurl-$US100-into-a-garbage-bin submission process — but that doesn't change the fact that, gag or not, this is the kind of thing that tends to grab eyes on Greenlight. The game's own discussion board sums it up:

It Has Come To This

After years of saying Steam Greenlight will eventually be drowned in the infinite blackness of an unforgiving sea (or your own equally painful-sounding metaphor of choice) and replaced with something better, Valve still hasn't done much about it. It's a mound of shit with occasional gems poking through, desperate for air. And so, it has come to this.


    The prophecy has been foretold.

      Ah, Idiocracy ... you continue to be less of a movie and more of a painfully accurate forecast.

    I honestly thought this was The IT Crowd: The Game for a minute.

    How is anything in here nsfw?

    Doth these pixels offend thine eyes?!

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