It's Already Time For The First Delay Of 2016

Briefly: Platinum has pushed back their Xbox One-exclusive action-RPG Scalebound to next year. "This will give us the time needed to bring to life all the innovative features and thrilling gameplay experiences that we have planned."


    Didn't uncharted 4 get delayed too? That's a 2016 game?

      Yeah, but the delay was announced last year. So it was a 2015 delay of a 2016 game.

    Apart from the "teenager with attitude" I was looking forward to playing Scalebpund this year.. :(

    Devs really need to atop showing off their games so far in advance!

    As always: Good. Delays are better than shitty releases. It costs the publisher money to continue paying devs to keep working when they could just be shipping and earning, so it's always good to see them make the hard, long-term decision in favour of a quality product (that will hopefully sell better).

    Let's hope they delay it to coincide with the all platforms release! No?


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