It’s Europe Vs The US In The 2016 Smite World Championship Grand Finals

It’s Europe Vs The US In The 2016 Smite World Championship Grand Finals

After North America’s Enemy secured a spot in the Smite grand finals over Europe’s Paradigm, all eyes went to returning champions Cloud9. Then those eyes got really sad.

My own personal set of eyes were actually rather happy, as the increasingly evil, decreasingly underdog North American team — my pick to win the whole shebang — achieved victory over Europe’s Paradigm in game four of today’s best-of-five semifinal.

As they took the stage following their win, members of Enemy were perceptibly darker, their pupils slowly beginning to glow red. I may have imagined that bit. To my knowledge, team captain PainDeViande hasn’t actually force choked anyone. He just looks like he has it in him.

No, the closest they have gotten to the old midichlorian throat massage was earlier, when they took the first two games from Paradigm and then gave them one to make them feel better. Or they lost the third game naturally. Sure.

Either way, they won the third one, thanks in no small part to the absolutely terrifying Saltmachine.

He’s a stone-cold killer.Hi-Rez really needs to stop giving me transparent PNG files.

Overjoyed at the outcome of the first semifinal, I settled back to watch returning champions of friendship and light, Cloud9, wipe the floor with Epsilon, something that briefly looked like it might actually happen.

After a strong start by Epsilon, Cloud9 took the first match in a very fun and energetic “We’re Cloud9!” sort of fashion. Epsilon responded with a calm and calculated “Yes, we know who you are” sort of game, thrashing the American team soundly.

Cloud9’s pony-powered spirit managed to rally for one more win, but between Epsilon’s Adapting killing everyone on the opposing team over and over again until everyone in the arena started feeling mildly uncomfortable and JeffHindla of Cloud9’s habit of dropping dead any time someone looked in his direction, Europe triumphed over good once and for all.

Epsilon’s Adapting, slightly more intimidating than the bloodthirsty wolf creature he plays.

The only question that remains now is can Europe triumph over evil? North America won’t be helping them this time, so it should be pretty exciting! Tune in tomorrow for Enemy Vs. Epsilon, the battle of the Es. The E Battle. E-Sport…oh. The last bit of the 2016 Smite World Championship.

In other news, the Xbox One semifinals are happening as I type this. You can see them here.