Japan Is Getting Sake-Flavored Kit Kats

Japan Is Getting Sake-Flavored Kit Kats

This has to be the most unusual Kit Kat flavour yet. According to NariNari, the country is getting sake Kit Kats starting February 1. There is sake powder between the chocolate and the wafers, giving the Kit Kats a delicate sake flavour.

NariNari explains that the taste sensation will mix the sweetness of chocolate with the aftertaste of sake. I dunno, that might work!

The label warns that these Kit Kats contain 0.8 per cent alcohol, so you should not give these Kit Kats to children or people who are sensitive to alcohol.

Japan Is Getting Sake-Flavored Kit Kats

[Image via NariNari]

There's also a bottle shaped package, which comes with nine mini Kit Kats but, sadly, not nine bottles of sake.

Top image via NariNari


    With all the weird ideas i see coming out of the japanese food industry, its like, throw everything against a wall and see what sticks.

    I try one
    .... why do i feel Dizzy....

    When I was in Japan last year I bought about half a dozen different types of kit kats. Probably the strangest one was the cheesecake one that has instructions on baking the kit kat in the oven.

    Tried a few of the Japanese varieties of Kit-Kat last month but almost all basically taste like slightly off-flavour white chocolate.

    You can taste the wasabi in the wasabi one - barely. The Green Tea one tasted like a straight white kit-kat to my taste. The sakura one was slightly sweeter than normal.

    However, adding actual alcohol should make a noticeable difference.

      It does. Just had one. Verrrrrry noticeable.

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