Jhin The Virtuoso Is League Of Legends’ Newest Champion

Jhin The Virtuoso Is League Of Legends’ Newest Champion

The champion teased by last week’s Mind Of The Virtuoso trailer has been revealed as Jhin, the Virtuoso, a new marksman-type champion. Jhin’s play style is going to be a bit different from your average ADC, boasting slower abilities that benefit from a bit of careful timing.

Jhin’s passive, Whisper, is similar to Annie’s in that every fourth shot always crits and deals extra damage based on a portion of his target’s missing health. After the fourth shot, however, Jhin has to pause to reload. Jhin players will benefit from counting their shots, and making sure that the extra damage on the fourth shot always counts.

His Q, Dancing Grenade, is a bouncing grenade that will bounce up to four times off any enemies hit with this ability. His W, Deadly Flourish, includes a passive that marks enemy champions hit by his basic attacks, his E or any enemy damage. Its active is a long range shot that damages any minions and the first enemy champion in its line, and briefly roots champions marked by its passive. His E is a trap that reveals and slows champions caught within its range when activated, before exploding after a short pause.

Jhin’s ultimate has him setting up as a sniper, revealing all champions caught within its impressive range. Once set, Jhin can’t move from his position, from where he fires four rounds that slow and deal damage based on missing health. Like basic attacks with his passive, the fourth shot deals massive damage and is guaranteed to crit.

Jhin is not an aggressive marksman, with few opportunities to harass, but will suit players with the ability to think ahead. Strategic use of Jhin’s E traps are key for playing successfully, working with junglers to set up the perfect gank. Just like with his other abilities, setting Jhin’s ult up carefully is going to be a make-or-break point with this champion. For more on Jhin’s strategy and abilities, check out his champion reveal page on the League website.

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