Capcom's Dark Souls-Eque Game Deep Down Is Still MIA

Briefly: Just a friendly reminder that Capcom's Dark Souls-eque game Deep Down is still M.I.A. There was no news last year and the official Twitter account hasn't been active since March 2015!


    Slow news day?

    In today's news, we report there is no news but should there be any further lack of news we will be sure to report that there is still nothing to report.

    Last edited 03/01/16 9:04 pm

      Also doesn't help that it's -esque not -eque. Seriously people, typos in 2016?

        Its bashcraft... thats all we need to know.. :(

        Last edited 04/01/16 9:06 am

    At least they could of put "Kotaku has reached out to Capcom but they're yet to comment"

    Maybe because they realised how much money they'd make with a Resi 2 Remake

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