Just A Guy Snowboarding As Gundam

Just a Guy Snowboarding as Gundam

This is Nama Gundam. He likes to snowboard, dressed in Gundam gear. Bless him. The Osaka resident made his Mobile Suit himself. This isn't only cosplay, but functional snowboarding wear.

It seems cushioned, and I'm assuming it's warm. Surely, carrying Gundam weaponry while snowboarding makes snowboarding more difficult, no?

He also has friends! They make up a Gundam snowboarding performance team, and that's awesome.

Top GIF: EFSF 生ガンダム


    You know what'd be nice? If the tweets were translated so we knew what the fuck was going on.

      I was thinking the same thing. As I just read another article with the same format.

      But that would require more investment as a journalist. When the only qualifications now days require the ability of copy/paste quicker than the next guy.

        If you're using Google Chrome you can right click on anything that's not in English and select "Translate to English". If you're not using Google Chrome then I don't know what you're doing with your life.

          using a web browser that doesn't chew resources, that's what I'm doing.

          First off, thanks for the cool article!

          The "translate to english" function in my experience has been quite poor for direct translations to English from Japanese, based on my prior experience and having a basic understanding of Japanese myself.

          Although there's no way to know a language than to learn it yourself, there's an option Kotaku peeps =P

          Last edited 01/02/16 3:29 pm

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