Kickstarter For $US200,000 'Star Wars-Like' Open World RPG Cancelled

I doubt there are many jaws on floors over this particular piece of news. Amazingly, despite its amateur appearance and unrealistic goals, that Star Wars Kickstarter accumulated $US18,300 before creator Devin Tripp pulled the plug late last week.

Before you ask, no, Tripp won't see a dollar of the money as it failed to hit the $US200,000 goal. And an additional no, the Kickstarter wasn't killed due to legal threats from Disney, EA or any other corporate entity.

Tripp was compelled to do it himself, citing his love of the Pirates of the Caribbean series (which is a Disney product) and a desire for the project not to get "to [sic] big":

Secondly, I am taking this kick starter down myself. Disney has not contacted me to tell me to shut it down for those of you who think you own Disney. I am taking this kick starter down, because I very much respect Disney, and I do not want this to get to big. I love all their pirates of the Caribbean movies. I always wanted to be captain jack, but I think Mr. Depp is to good to be replaced. I have faith that somewhere in the future, a game like the one I described, will be made by Disney/EA/LucasFilms/Bioware or whoever is going to do it.

You can read the full update over on Kickstarter, but it's sufficient to say Tripp didn't think his cunning plan all the way through. Oh well, I'm sure the poor guy learned a great deal during his brief period in the internet's spotlight.

Open World RPG "like" Star Wars Game (Canceled) [Kickstarter, via Dualshockers]


    Wow his reasons come across as severely whiny...

    He's complaining that people got in touch with the rights holders for Star Wars? How delusional is he?

    I think I'll go make a Star Trek MMO, I sure hope noone gets in touch with Paramount...

    What about an Avatar MMO? Noone contact Jim Cameron!

    What about a LOTR MMO! Noone contact PJ or the LOTR stakeholders!

    It would've benefitted this guy to do his research first before setting out on this endeavour.

      I'm guessing Devin is fairly young (teens), or not too savvy.

    In response to backers' comments he pretty much admitted the whole thing was intended as a troll and that he cancelled in fear of a trolling millionaire funding the project, causing him to be sued by Disney.

      God ... I want to be a trolling millionaire.

      Meh, if it was backed he could still cancel it before it ended.

    I like how he took a shot at detractors with remarks such as "for those of you that think you own Disney" like people pointing out his idiotic idea to basically rip off their multi-billion dollar franchise was going to go unnoticed? This is now clearly a troll if it was ever doubted.

    This wasn't going anywhere regardless of its authenticity.

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