King Of Fighters Is Getting A New Anime And Film

Briefly: There will be a new King of Fighters anime and live-action film. That's according to a report on Tencent, which adds that the anime and film will target Asia, but a North American release is planned.





    The KoF live action movie is the only video game to movie adaption I have not been able to finish watching. Bad acting, bad script, bad plot, bad casting. No. Please. I can't stand the thought of a live action Vanessa being ruined. ;_;

      If they get the director and martial arts choreographer of say... The Raid 2... Then by all means, make it happen. But if I find out it's being made by someone like, Paul W. S. Anderson, then no. Burn the man's hands before he can touch the franchise.

    Was the King of Fighters Anime the same one as the Fatal Fury Anime?

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