Life Is Strange Gets One Hour Of Director’s Commentary For Free

Life Is Strange Gets One Hour Of Director’s Commentary For Free

Given that most owners of Life is Strange were pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns in Dontnod’s episodic teen adventure, you might enjoy hearing the following.

The French developer has pushed out a new patch in the last 24 hours that contains an video featuring the developers waxing lyrical at length about Max and Chloe’s five-part adventure. It’s an hour long, to be precise, and the commentary comes with extra localisations.

The full bag of goodies is as follows:

  • Directors Commentary DLC: 1 hour long video in which devs talk about Life is Strange.
  • New subtitled languages: German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Mexican Spanish.
  • Select language in-game at any time
  • Various subtitle sizes available: normal, large, hella large.
  • Toggle subtitle overlay on or off.
  • Minor changes, tweaks and fixes applied to all the episodes of Life Is Strange.

The patch also incorporates previous fixes, which includes improved lipsyncing for all episodes (one of the more glaring quirks in my playthrough, at least).


    • I’ve still had one or two scenes that bug out, where the souls are moving and the lips are dead. It’s wired, but I can see past it. I just finished the game last night, so this problem is still not fully fixed. 🙁

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