Life-Sized Anime Schoolgirl Statue Costs Only $24,730

Life-Sized Anime Schoolgirl Statue Costs Only $US16,000 ($23,357)

If you've ever wanted to own an enormous anime schoolgirl statue for lots of money, here's your chance. This is Megumi Kato from Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, and the statue is based on illustrator Kurehito Misaki's rendition of the character.

Life-Sized Anime Schoolgirl Statue Costs Only $US16,000 ($23,357)

[Image: Aniplex]

The statue is priced at 1.98 million yen ($24,730), which you'll be happy to know includes taxes and delivery.

Life-Sized Anime Schoolgirl Statue Costs Only $US16,000 ($23,357)

[Image: Aniplex]

There will only be ten of these statues made, apparently.

Life-Sized Anime Schoolgirl Statue Costs Only $US16,000 ($23,357)

[Image: Aniplex]



    you have to enter into a prize draw to try and and win the chance to buy one of these, you can't just rock up and buy one, which is a cool way to ensure that not just the guys with the biggest chequebooks get what they want. Also, its Kato so its worth every goddam cent.

      Agreed, Katou = best girl

    Is that how much dignity costs these days?

      Dignity became a non issue the moment people started walking around with 4m long snake girl pillows. And the world has been better off since

    The eyes. Oh god, her eyes.

    It's kind of nerdy cool, until you look into those eyes.

    Can you really put a price on a lifetime of companionship?

    Does it have realistic orifices?

      No, you'd be waning one of these.

        Heh, I wonder how long until someone in robotics gets one of those things and puts a robot inside to make them come to life, honestly we are probably only decade away from that tech!

        Last edited 18/01/16 5:08 am

    I'd worry about malfunction so bad more than anything else to enjoy it :P

    I'm sure for $25k you could get an actual mail-order bride. And that would be wayyyy less creepy.

      Because there's absolutely nothing creepy about participating in human trafficking

        I said less creepy. Still creepy. But this is worse because you know that every single person that buys one of these has his mother's corpse taxidermied in his basement.

    It would certainly be a conversation piece....

    'Hey, look what I just got!'
    'What's it for?
    'How much was it?'

    Do not shine a black light on those things... ever.

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