Live Right Now: A Tournament Of Hand-Coded StarCraft Bots Fighting It Out

It's that time of the year again when student-coded bots for StarCraft: Brood War go head-to-head in an online tournament. The competition is running right now and you can watch it live here.

The "Student StarCraft AI Tournament", or SSCAI for short, pits students from around the world against one another in games of simulated cerebral zerg rushing. Using a special application programming interface (API) to interact with the game, it's possible to code your own artificial intelligence using either Java or C++.

The cool part — well, other than AIs doing battle — is how each team has coded their combatants. As the SSCAI site explains, one entrant employs "learning algorithms that will allow the AI to learn from watching replays of earlier played games", while "older bots have hard-coded plans of what to build when, where to attack and how".

It's great competition — not only does it sound like fun for all involved, it'll look excellent on a resume, especially if WOPR (or Matthew Broderick) gets loose again.

Artificial Intelligence Tournament [Hitbox]


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