Look At These Amazing Dark Souls Screenshots

Look at them!

Mother. Of. God.

Sorry, all objectivity is gone. There's only hype now. I am become hype. I am the harbinger of hype.

Look at this one. Look at it!

No. Stop. Look at this one.

And this one as well.

This one isn't too bad either.

Holy shit look at this guy!

Stop. I can't take it any more.

I am dead. RIP.


    I suppose this is as good a place as any.

    During Dark Souls 2 hype period, Bandai Namco Namco Bandai whatever released THIS:


    That song goes great with Dark Souls don't it.

      Sounds awesome, really like that tone it gives and the vocals give me a Jared Leto vibe which is always a good thing

      Edit: Maybe I just like 30 seconds to Mars too much?

      Last edited 29/01/16 6:52 pm

      Wow my favourite game series is borderline ruined after hearing that trash. Agein n agein i carm beck. The same people that chose lord of cinder as part of a soundtrack, picked that for a trailer?


    Those are pretty damn good though. Almost too good to be true, do they use the in-game engine?

      Really? I think it looks good but certainly not unbelievable.

      It’s there-or-thereabouts with games like Tomb Raider, Witcher, SW Battlefront, Batman ect.
      Those are all very pretty games, mind you.

      I’m going to buy this game, get angry that it’s too hard, then quit and hate it.
      You can quote me on that when I start badmouthing it unreasonably in 8 months time.

        I'm sort of referring to Dark Souls 2 where the pre-release shots and vids were better looking than the game at release.

        As for the difficulty Dark Souls 2 was too damn easy so I'm hoping 3 will be better.

    Stop doing this to me. I dont want to look but I cant help it and the hype continues to grow.

    Holy shit I want this game.

    Considering FROM's track record, I am genuinely letting myself get hyped for this.
    Those screenshots... /drool

    hopefully the PVP isnt a shitshow this time around hey.

      I'm sure by the 5th time around they'll have gotten the PVP thing nailed down...


      (to clarify for 5th time, Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Bloodborne, now Dark Souls III)

    Hope they dont ubisoft this and nerf the fuck out of the engine

    Yes look at the screen shots and complain after the game has been released that it looks nothing like the screen shots.
    Dark Souls 2 nuff sed.

    Hadn't even thought about the fact that this dark souls is on current gen and will look so much better...that's testament to how good the gameplay itself is.
    But after looking at these pics.....gah! Take my money From...just take it

    Can't wait to lag the fuck out in this game. I'm gonna get so owned

    I'm even more psyched up for DS3 now. I know some people won't like it, but I'm really feeling Bloodborne's influence here, much more horror than epic fantasy.

    Dammit, April is so far away!

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