Look At This Transistor Statue


    I love transistor to bit and would love associated merch but I hate the face on this figure so much there's no way I'm getting it. How do you take a strong and determined character and give her the face of a 60's pinup and expect to get the same effect? It's weird. Shame though because they nailed everything else.

      I don't know, those Pop! figurines are still managing to sell characters like Walter White with cute faces.

        Yeah I guess but I'd still rather own chibi Walter White than... Bratz transistor edition.

      I agree with you completely. At first I was thinking, well this doesn't represent the character very well.
      But now I find it almost insulting to look at. The complete opposite of who Red was in the game, to the point that there's no way that anyone that actually played the game would think that was acceptable.

      Very disappointed.

    Hey, if anybody wants to help me pay for shipping I can buy these in bulk.

    That box that it comes in is amazing as well! Though I'm with @shoitaan about the face, the figure is otherwise brilliant!

    As much as I'd love to have the figure, it's $70+ AUD including shipping.

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