Lupe Fiasco Wants To Fight Daigo At EVO

Lupe Fiasco Wants To Fight Daigo At EVO

Hold onto your potatoes. Yesterday, a fan asked Lupe about EVO:

Next thing you know Mad Catz is on the scent:

And just like that, Lupe was in:

Note this hasn’t been confirmed; Twitch and Mad Catz (who sponsor Daigo) are merely working on it. Though really, who’s going to say no to this (unless Daigo himself isn’t down). Were it to take place, it’d be staged as some kind of exhibition fight.

Folks are excited. Folks like Markel Lee, who even drew up a poster for the fight (as used up top).


  • Hell yes Lupe. Saw these tweets yesterday, but didn’t realize mad catz had picked it up. Never watched or played SF in my life, but hell yes I’ll be watching this if it happens.

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