Marc Laidlaw Has Left Valve

Briefly: Marc Laidlaw, who helped write the Half-Life series and the original Portal, has left the company after 18 years. The news originally broke on the Half-Life subreddit, and Laidlaw later confirmed the news to us. Why'd he leave? He wanted a "break from the collaborative chaos of game production."


    What game production? Valve doesn't seem to make games any more...

      "Valve - we used to make games, now we make money."

    Sounds like the style of company management that Valve trumpets is slowly becoming their undoing.

    Considering what little Valve gets up to these days, I guess he got sick of just writing the back stories to TF2's hats.

    Marc Laidlaw, who helped write the Half-Life series...Why’d he leave?
    he got sick of waiting to write Half Life 3!

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    This might not mean anything for Half-Life 3. If it is actually well into production (not that anyone other than Valve would know, I'm just speculating), his job as writer would have been complete already.

    Further confirms that Valve is a poorly run operation, top to bottom.

    @Franz Don't you mean side to side? :)

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