Mario Maker's Cruelest Level Designer Has Made A Stage For Normal People

Mario Maker's Cruelest Level Designer Has Made A Stage For Normal People

"I tried to be kind with this level," said Alex "PangaeaPanga," a man responsible for many of Mario Maker's toughest levels. His latest creation was unveiled at Awesome Games Done Quick on Thursday. Most humans are not capable of beating a level made by Panga. Hell, one guy even started crying after finishing it. We are not talking about average levels.

Enter Kill or Save the Animals (3B6A-0000-0179-0126), the final stage of a relay race gauntlet between teams composed of Mario speedrunning experts.

(Awesome Games Done Quick has not put up an official archive yet.)

"I didn't want to make it as hard and gruesome as my usual levels," said Panga.

Uh huh.

Actually, he's telling the truth. This stage actually does look pretty beatable.

That's not to say it's easy, mind you, but it's nothing compared to, uh, this:

I actually started playing through these expert-level stages on my stream last week. Weirdly enough, I was able to make it through a few of them just fine!

Here's a list of all the levels the debuted at Awesome Games Done Quick, minus one stage that hasn't yet been published:

And, yes, some awesome donated money to charity to name a level after me.


    My god. How do people do this. I have a tough time just beating regular Mario... Bloody hell. That timing.

    I tried beating Pit Of Panga.

    Someone send halp.
    I'm still going.

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