McDonald’s Chocolate French Fries Don’t Taste Disgusting


To be honest, I didn’t think they would. Even if the sight of golden chips covered in white and dark chocolate doesn’t look or sound all that appetising, these were not too bad.

Recently in Japan, McDonald’s released what it’s calling “McFry Potato Chocolate Sauce”.

They’re a medium order of chips but with two kinds of chocolate sauce. The chocolate chips are priced at 330 yen ($4), while a normal order of medium chips is 270 yen ($3).

That makes for some very expensive chocolate sauce.

The white sauce tastes more sugary, while the other is more a milk chocolate.

Going into this, I didn’t have much trepidation. Several potato chip brands in Japan have released chocolate covered chips in the past, and I’ve liked them fine. The salt makes for a fine balance with the chocolate’s sweetness.

The same is true here. Salt and chocolate complement each other quite well. Since the chips are served hot, when you squirt on the sauce, the warm chips heat up the sauce. This causes the chocolate smell to become even stronger and noticeable.

But since McDonald’s chips have a strong smell of their own, if you are sensitive to certain scents you might want to sit this one out.

As with chocolate covered potato chips, chocolate covered hot chips are greasy. French fries by themselves are greasy, so you might think that adding chocolate sauce would make this side dish seem heavy, but there isn’t actually that much sauce.

So by the time you get to the end of your chocolate chips, you might wish McDonald’s had included a bigger package of chocolate sauce.

Or maybe not.

All photos: Brian Ashcraft | Kotaku


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