McDonald's Cosplay Stunt Backfires In Taiwan

McDonald's Cosplay Stunt Backfires in Taiwan

Every New Year's Eve in Taiwan, the staff at local McDonald's restaurants cosplay. This year, some of the threads didn't exactly go over well. At all. In the past, staff have dressed up as Dragon Ball characters, maids, and even Chucky from Child's Play. McDonald's employees don't typically dress like this, and the cosplay is part of a special year-end campaign.

McDonald's Cosplay Stunt Backfires in Taiwan

[Photo: McDonald's Taiwan]

Sure, some branches had McDonald's-themed cosplay or cute Minions cosplay, but a Pingtung branch, for example, had zombie-nurse cosplay.

According to Next Mag, there were complaints about this cosplay, namely that the bloodied nurses undermined the image of health care professionals, and that the fake blood made the food appear unsafe.

McDonald's Cosplay Stunt Backfires in Taiwan

[Photo via Next Mag]

According to ETToday, another branch in Kaohsiung also had zombie employees — but no nurses. There doesn't appear to have been complaints against this branch's cosplay, however.

McDonald's Cosplay Stunt Backfires in Taiwan

[Photo: ETToday]

The Taiwanese military had to call out one branch in Tainan. At the restaurant, the staff wore military uniforms. Were the armed forces lovin' it? Not exactly.

McDonald's Cosplay Stunt Backfires in Taiwan

[Photo: China Times]

According to LiveDoor and ETToday, the country's Defence Ministry is thinking of taking legal action for not only harming the armed forces' reputation — as their function is to protect and not serve fast food — but also for breaking the law.

Legally, non-military civilians must get permission before wearing military uniforms. Failing to do so can result in fines up to $TWD15,000 ($638). Since the McDonald's staff isn't in the military, they could be liable for the infraction.

The incident has made national news in Taiwan. If the goal was publicity, then mission accomplished. Doubt the idea was to tick off the military in the process.

Top image: ETToday


    Ah, Taiwan. The craziness of Japan mixed with the bureaucratic heavy-handedness of China :-)

    Are they actually military uniforms, or merely military themed?

      If not genuine, they're at least a very accurate reproduction. The colour, collar cut and epaulettes are all pretty much spot on. Taiwan has compulsory military service so real uniforms are probably readily available.

    Sexy Ronald!

    Last edited 08/01/16 6:44 am

    It's very important to police this kind of thing, because the takeaway-buying public run the very real risk of believing that their costumed McDonalds employee is actually a military officer or nurse, and thus may rely on them for official assistance.


      It would be hilarious if I broke my leg and Hamburgler took me to the hospital.

    I would sue if I found a finger or an earlobe in my Big Mac if I went to that Kaohsiung branch restaurant.

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