Monstrous $30,000 Rig Can Be Seven PCs At Once

Monstrous $US30,000 ($41,980) Rig Can Be Seven PCs At Once

Those of you who struggle to play one game on your PC, you might want to look away. Using donated gear that's worth around $US30,000 ($41,980), LinusTechTips put together a PC comprised of 256MB RAM (8x 32GB), 7x AMD R9 Nano graphics cards and 8x 1TB SSDs. The trick here being that all of that was plugged into a single CPU, which then virtually output seven separate systems at once.

Translation: a single piece of hardware acted like seven individual computers. And all that beef meant that he could run Crysis 3 at max settings (drifting between 60-100fps) on one "PC" while the other six ran a looping graphics/benchmark demo.


    Seven Graphics card in a single block

    "Hes a mad man, A MAD MAN!"

    Don't care enough to watch the whole video, but is that all on a single motherboard? Which one?

    It's capable of being 7 high end gaming rigs, but that's only due to the number of GPUs. Think about the fact it could be far more "computers" for general tasks.

      sorry no it can't

      You need to specify a certain GPU for display output, you are basically limited to the amount of GPU's you can put in the system

      It could... if the VM allowed even more pc's with the 14 display ports it has, but I am sceptical it would. I reckon each GPU would allow for one VM concurrently running.

    I can't YouTube right now, could someone tell me (software-wise) how Linus is doing this seven PCs at once? vSphere?

      the host is unraid which uses kvm to do the graphic card passthrough to the guest OS

        That read write speed would be soooo glorious if it ran as one pc rather than seven.

    A PC comprised of 256MB RAM (8x 32GB) Think Plunkett needs this computer to run a calculator heh

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