More JB Hi-Fi Reviews That Nail It

JB Hi-Fi reviews are like buses. You don't see any good ones for months and then three come along at once.

Actually that's not like buses at all. Buses don't work on monthly schedules. BUT YOU SEE MY POINT.

But seriously, it's always the case: I post one review, people see that and send in their own. Here are a couple sent in by Cam V. He found these at JB Hi-Fi Knox in Melbourne.


    Four words: "A Hideo Kojima game".

      I would buy a replacement sleeve for my copy of Phantom Pain if it included those 4 words.

        There might design lying online from people that ripped the original art around that you could print and replace it,

    Buses don’t work on monthly scheduled. Sometimes it certainly feels like it though.

    They had quite a few funny ones but the staff started looking at me weird and we were running late for lunch anyway

    So a couple makes one these days?
    "Here are a couple sent in by Cam V"

    But if he did nothing wrong, why are calling him the perfect villian?

    "Here are a couple sent in by Cam V"

    I don't think you understand the definition of the word "couple".

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