Morrowind, As Told By Facebook Posts

Morrowind, As Told By Facebook Posts

Morrowind, the third Elder Scrolls RPG, has a rich and somewhat complicated story. Luckily, now we have a Facebook timeline to simplify it all. Humorously.

It was whipped up by redditor TheTitanova, using this Facebook wall generator, and posted to r/morrowind last week. Basically, it's a cleverly written account of the backstory and the in-game events of Morrowind -- it starts with the creation of the Tools of Kagrenac way, way before the player character's time, and concludes with the events of the game's ending (with some post-ending bits thrown in).

It's filled with spoilers, of course, so if you haven't played Morrowind, and want to, then be careful. You need to be a bit of a lore junkie to get a lot of the jokes anyway. To everyone else, enjoy:

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  • As a long time fan of Morrowind and TES in general, it’s great to see people still showing love for Skyrim’s predecessors. It maybe nostalgia but Morrowind was my first exposure to TES and to me it will always be the best one.

  • Yeah remember reading about Morrowind for the first time, wondering ‘hmm what’s all this about then?’ and picking it up on original Xbox. Then being absolutely staggered that something like that was, you know, an actual thing.
    It’s not perfect, and it’s definitely not the ‘best’ one – it would be judged way too difficult by modern Bethsoft standards, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It was pretty tough, esp at the start. Limited fast travel options, and no quest markers. All locations found by reading often cryptic written descriptions of said location. But it was a hell of an adventure and a pretty awe-inspiring fantasy world to dive into. Remember stumbling across that giant mushroom village for the first time and completely spazzing out over it.

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