Motion Capture Is Getting More Realistic Thanks To The HTC Vive

Video: Is this the beginning of method acting in video games? Cloudhead Games have pioneered a combination of VR and motion capture to virtually situate their actors in the scenes, so they can more organically record both movement and dialogue. Their game "The Gallery: Call of the Starseed" is set as a launch title for the HTC Vive, and it seems fitting that they're also using this technology to create it.

In this video you can see actor Adrian Hough recording the motion-capture for his character The Watcher, for which Cloudhead has created custom scenes for him to navigate. It's a similar concept to the Hollywood practice of building intricate sets even where they could be composited, allowing the actors to react and interact more naturally with their surroundings. For the motion capture itself they aren't relying on a big, expensive set up with hundreds of cameras, but rather the compact mo-cap suit from Perception Neuron. Check out the whole process in the video above.


    I'm a little worried about "movie" type of game that will be available to VR. I mean won't you miss out a lot in terms of what you see and what is going on in the scene? Like things that is happening right outside of your FOV that requires you to move your head to see them but you are focusing on the middle where something important is going on.

      Don't worry about it - It's about game design and they will focus you to what they want you to see.

      I have played a few VR Games now and not had the issue of not knowing where to look. On the other hand, it gives more replay-ability if you feel you missed some angles or feel you weren't aware of a certain section of the game - It allows for that retrospective storytelling which became so popular in films to provide a different vibe/sensation when you play through again as you know more about the environment. Maybe there are intricacies which are explained at the end of the game that you notice and can unlock different areas playing it again.

      It works well imo

        hm I really need to give it a try. I'm tempted to pick up a Rift DK2 to try things while waiting for the consumer model.

          I've only used Gear VR - reason being I cant spend too much on something I dont know if it will make me motion sick or not!!!

          Funny thing is - i've not once felt motion sickness. A little vertigo here and there but that's what its supposed to do if you are falling or looking down from heights!!! Pretty bad growing up in car rides and stuff and now still get a bit funny unless im driving on long rides so figured I wouldnt last in VR for more than 5 minutes! I was wrong!

          If you have a Samsung thats compatible with any of the gear VR give it a try with that!! I'm looking forward to what the PS VR pricetag will come up as, as they were selling the PS4 for a loss due to their model of more consumption = more PS Plus, more game sales, ongoing revenue etc etc.
          I am pretty certain they will be selling that unit for a loss as well just to get the market share!

            Sadly I went with iPhone last contract so I can't get a Gear VR to play with it. I'm considering jumping ship back to samsung just to play with gear VR. Contract ends end of this year!

            Not loaded but been waiting very long to get a VR and can't miss the chance lol. Will jump to Vive if the price is better. I'm waiting for the inevitable announcement of Half Life 3 being bundled with HTC Vive preorders :P

              Well of course! That way they can be double the price of the Oculus and STILL sell twice as many!!!

              Been really enjoying the Gear VR - Dont use it all the time but when i go on there its always a bit "WOW"

              @letrico Just grab a $50 viewmaster VR from BigW , the iphone works fine with it, and there are plenty of titles to play with

              Last edited 14/01/16 7:37 pm

          Did you order the consumer model?

          Somebody's loaded... :p

      not sure how that is any different from a current game where the player has control of the camera in a scene. The only difference is you're using your head to control the camera instead of mouse/gamepad etc

        That's why I specifically mentioned a "movie" type of game, not our typical FPS, FPS will do fine I think, probably your neck will feel pain from the amount of turning you have to do all the time but how would you watch a movie with VR? Don't you have to keep spinning around?

          I'm spinning around, move out of my way.

          Last edited 14/01/16 4:57 pm

            Imagine they created a game that the ghost is literally just behind you and the game you are just walking around until you see your reflection and scare yourself to death lol.

          I still don't see how it will be different due to control technique.

          Do you mean how are we going to watch VR films what have action from all sides? - which the answer would be obviously not on the couch.

          Otherwise it would be up to the developer to create queues and block out the scene so that you are naturally drawn to what you are meant to be looking at. I've been to some plays that use a style called 'promenade theatre' in which the audience is free to walk around (within limit) and the actors play out among the audience.

          I imagine that style would translate well to VR films.

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