New Barbie Makes Video Games For A Living

New Barbie Makes Video Games For A Living

Earlier today Mattel debuted a bunch of new Barbie dolls for the coming year. Among them: Game Developer Barbie, with her cool glasses and nifty headphones and ergonomically sound standing desk. Game Developer Barbie is coming out this winter and joins a few other new lines, a couple of which seem geared toward modernising and freshening up the brand:

New Barbie Makes Video Games For A Living

Barbie has had a huge number of careers over the years, and it’s nice to see her branching out into growth industries like game development, espionage and vice presidency. We expect she’ll be responsible for the next big Steam survival game, and hope this whole endeavour turns out better than the last time she took a crack at making video games.


    • I know! That new Asian Barbie is hot! Sure I’m guilty of anthropomorphised gender-based objectification, but hey, who isn’t these days?

  • And if Game Developer Barbie ever gets sick of the bottom-feeders saying she’s either not deserving or not good enough to be a part of the industry, the engineering and architectural industry will welcome her (and indeed any other women not named Barbie!) with open arms.

    • Careful, let’s not get this comment section shut down like the Film Victoria one was!


      • Whaaaaat? More info needed lol

        Edit: Just did a little research.

        Women…men…. I was just more shocked to realise Australia still HAD a games industry!

        • That was more or less my reaction to it. “Wait so you’re telling me the government is trying to funnel women into an industry it’s actively trying to shut down?” 😛

  • Pretty sure this was funded and endorsed by Film Victoria…

    On that note – anyone find it funny that the comments on the Film Victoria article from yesterday mysteriously disappeared? That turned into a real shit fight and people completely missed the point.

    • It’s funny how people have different points of view, isn’t it? 😛

      As far as I could tell, the discussion was polite but Kotaku decided to shut it down because it was getting off topic and didn’t fit the narrative of the article. I’m sure they’d say something (if they deigned to respond to my questioning it) like “It was a valid discussion but the wrong place to have it.”

      Why aren’t there Kotaku forums, anyway?

      • Yeah, hence me saying people were missing the point. Completely off topic in many cases. Anyway yes, I support Kotakua Aus forums!

      • Or at least the ability to send someone a private message, I want to send people my ID for gaming platforms sometimes but not in public.

        Unless there is a private message facility and i’m just retarded.

        • I think the private message function is to post it in a spoiler or rot13 while tagging them in some obscure post somewhere and then go back and edit/remove it once they’ve added you.

    • yeah its bullshit hey.

      has that kind of thing happened before? i haven’t been on kotaku long enough so im not sure if its a regular thing for a “heated” comments section to get cut like that.

      • Not that I’ve seen, and I’ve been a regular viewer (if not commenter) for a good five years or so, maybe longer.

      • In ALL my time here, I vaguely remember it happening *once* before?????? I think it *may* have been an Anita Sarkeesian one? I could honestly be wrong.

        • Damn, that makes me wish I’d slacked off work more yesterday 🙁

          Tbh I think that every day, but this time there’s a reason!

        • Yeah my thoughts as well. Seems to be the go to stereotype ‘coloured hair, fashionable glasses’. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a half-selve tattoo under that jacket. Working in IT I’ve probably only worked with 1 woman that fit this.

          • Don’t let Junglist catch you mentioning that name – I don’t think she’s too popular around here 😉 Never mind that hiring her was probably the single smartest commercial decision the producers made, and there are thousands of teenage boys totally and permanently in love with her. Geeks have long memories 😉

  • Game developer barbie?

    The fact that barbie dyed her hair a different colour and is wearing hipster glasses, is considered that a stereotype now?

  • skinny jeans…a pair of chucks…square-frame glasses…unnaturally coloured red hair.. GamerGurl© Barbie.

  • Cool! Does she come with hate mail and miniature threats of death and sexual assault like real female game developers?

  • Anybody else notice that Spy Barbie is almost entirely fluorescent pink – not only her outfit, but also her hair? I thought that spies weren’t meant to stand out 😛

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