New Vita Update Is Causing All Sorts Of Problems

New Vita Update Is Causing All Sorts Of Problems

A newly released Vita update is presenting some users from accessing the PlayStation Store on Sony's spunky little handheld. It's also draining some people's batteries. Good times all around. Vita users first started reporting problems with update 3.57 earlier this week on forums like Reddit and NeoGAF, and I confirmed them for myself last night: when I tried to connect to the PlayStation Store, the screen remained on "Please wait..." for upwards of ten minutes before ultimately giving up. This morning, my battery appeared to be draining faster than it ever has.

Here's hoping this will be fixed soon. We've reached out to Sony but they haven't commented yet.


    Hmm I played a good couple of hours of Persona 4 Golden last night and used less than half the battery, so my battery life seems fine, at least. Haven't tried the store lately...

    Thanks, will not update :-)

    As someone experiencing issues - avoid this update until new Firmware.... Pain in the a**

    Here I was yearning for some more stability and I get this.

    I'm guessing this is the update that came out about a week ago? Great(!) I don't play my Vita much, but out of the swill that was being offered from PS+ In February, the Vita seemed to have the picks. If I can't even get to the store to download them ... :(

    I updated to 3.57, and don't seem to have any problem accessing the store. Haven't noticed any battery usage issues either, so presumably this only affects some users.

    No problems on mine. PS Store works fine, but I haven't used it enough to see battery usage.

    I suppose there's something funny about playing fallout 4 in bed?!

    The battery problem is not an actual battery problem (you wont notice it through normal play). The system doesn't go into sleep mode properly and chews battery. If you have this issue, you'll notice the vita button stays lit up when in 'sleep'.

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