NVIDIA's Bundling Rise Of The Tomb Raider With GTX 970+ Video Cards

You'll still have to wait until 28 January to get your hands on Rise of the Tomb Raider, but if you're looking to upgrade your GPU at the same time, NVIDIA might have the deal for you. According to the graphics vendor, for a limited time, it'll be bundling the game with its high-end 900 series hardware.

So, if you're happy to part with $480-odd dollars or more for a GTX 970 or 970M (for those eyeing a notebook instead), you'll get a code you can redeem for a copy of the game.

The code won't come with any old GTX 970 — it'll have to be from one of the following manufacturers:

To be fair, that selection covers most of the market, so you should have plenty of flexibility when it comes to making your purchase.

Oh and if you want to go for something more powerful than the 970, the deal includes everything above it — as long as it's part of the 900 series.



    Well I *was* looking to get Rift-ready...

    Edit: Oh. Steam :P

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    Sort of the wrong time to be buying a new video card, Pascal will most likely be around come Q2.

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      That's the speculation but I think it will be q3 after the release of all consumer vr.

      I've been looking around but can't find anything confirmed yet. Q2 would be great but it could be much later.

      I need a new gfx card. Don't know if I can wait a year, but don't want to put down big cash and lose 40% of my investment value instantly if the new gen is released.

      So I'm playing a waiting game for now....

        Both AMD and Nvidia's new cards will be out this year. AMD had actual Polaris hardware at CES, while Nvidia was talking about Pascal but showing Maxwell hardware (per TweakTown: http://www.tweaktown.com/news/49531/nvidia-used-gtx-980-mxm-modules-during-pascal-tease-ces-2016/index.html), so I suspect theirs are closer to launching. They're currently expected mid-year.

          Thanks man. Still a waiting game though. I want to upgrade now!

            The new cards will be worth the wait. Both AMD and Nvidia have been stuck on 28nm processes for years now after 20nm didn't work out, and now we're finally getting 14nm & 16nm FinFET chips coming out, so expect big big gains at every price point. Both manufacturers will also have HBM2 in their cards, Nvidia switching to HBM for the first time and AMD upgrading from the HBM1 in the Fury cards (the reason those cards were limited to 4GB of video RAM).

            Basically, expect big things from all of these cards.

    Dang, I should have waited to get my 980, oh well.

    Last promotion(the one for assasins creed or rainbow six siege ) I just emailed them even though my card was bought outside the promotion date and they gave me a key anyway :D
    I doubt that will work twice but who knows!

    Waiting on Pascal before building a new rig. I'm sure there will be a game with those cards too.

    Well well... I was wondering whether to buy Tomb Raider on PC or wait till the PS4. Considering I'm buying a second 980ti, that decision is now made for me. :P

    Can anyone access the link? I'm getting some error processing request.

    Dont worry. I dont mind waiting even for a year as long as they do a proper port. Who would rather play on consoles at sloppy 30fps lower graphics settings on consoles? 1080p120 here i come!

    So that's where all the unwanted & returned ones went after the scandal of the card being 3.5GB + 0.5GB instead of 4GB like they claimed. Guess they had to start palming them off to other unsuspecting victims sooner or later.

      Having Oculus name this as the recommended spec GPU is a little amusing having seen how pissed off the current owners of the GPU are.

    I got this roughly the day after (NZ time, so maybe 12 hours or so had passed already), and was told the codes were "out of stock", with more on the way at some point.

    I appreciate the game isn't out until the end of the month, but I'm still a bit antsy to not have the code ready for when the game finally releases.

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