One-Handed Transformers: Devastation Speedrun Lights Our Darkest 45 Minutes

One-Handed Transformers: Devastation Speedrun Lights Our Darkest 45 Minutes

Here we see speedrunner Halfcoordinated taking out the Autobots’ most feared enemy with one punch during his Awesome Games Done Quick run of Transformers: Devastation on its highest difficulty level. That would be an impressive feat even if he were playing with both hands.

But Halfcoordinated is not playing with both hands. He’s playing with one hand on a controller and the other holding Masterpiece Optimus Prime, who he makes dance during the end credits of his ridiculously speedy 45 minute run.

Why just the one hand? Halfcoordinated suffers from Hemiparesis, a weakness of the entire right side of his body. He can hold things obviously, but his response time with the right hand isn’t great, so he just does it all with his left, with Optimus Prime serving as a helpful prop.

Halfcoordinated’s one-handed Vanquish play through was one of the best things to happen during last year’s Awesome Games Done Quick, so destroying another Platinum creation feels like an appropriate follow-up.

The run begins around 15:10 in the video, about the same time the Awesome Games Done Quick folks figured out how to fix the echo problem that’s been plaguing this year’s replays. Mind the Transformers puns throughout the video — and by that I mean enjoy the Transformers puns throughout the video.

Note that Halfcoordinated plays as Sideswipe because his vehicle mode is 50 per cent faster than any other character’s, and he has a nifty little boost that helps him skip through a few things. Sideswipe is also outfitted with ridiculous weapons, hence all of those lovely one-hit kills.

Be sure to stay for the Optimus Prime dance party, which starts around the 1:01:30 point.

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