One Of The Last Pokémon You’d Expect In A Fighting Game

One Of The Last Pokémon You’d Expect In A Fighting Game

Nobody thought this would ever happen, I’m sure. But Chandelure, a Ghost/Fire Pokémon that attacks opponents’ spirits, is joining Pokkén Tournament as a playable character. Bwah?

Since Pokkén Tournament is an arcade fighting game, you’d probably expect Pokémon able to throw punches and kicks — or, at the very least, an actual body to take blows. Yet here we are.

It was originally teased that the new Pokkén Tournament character would have the Japanese character “ra” (ラ) in its name, leading people to think Swampert (ラグラージ or Raguraaji in Japanese) would be appearing in the game. As My Game News Flash points out, Swampert (ラグラージ) started trending in Japan.

But…the new character is Chandelure (シャンデラ or Shandera in Japanese).

See how Swampert is bewildered in this fan art?

Chandelure doesn’t physically burn opponents, but hypnotizes them and absorbs their spirits. We’ll get a first look at how this all works at the upcoming Tokaigi Game Party later this month in Japan. This is such a left field choice, I’m kind of keen to see how the character will work in the game.

Let’s hope the next Pokkén Tournament character is this:

Don’t let up now, Pokkén!

Top image: Official Site


  • As someone who’s not touched Pokemon in a long freaking time, on the outside in it sure seems like they’re putting 0 effort in these days.

    “Well, we have an ice cream pokemon… Why not a chandelier? “

    • Have you seen the literal bag of garbage Pokemon?

      It might be worse with more recent generations, but let’s not forget that the first generation had creations like Voltorb and Electrode – just balls with eyes – or blobs of poison like Grimer and Muk.

  • There’s already going to be three other Fire types (Charizard, Blaziken and Braixen), so we’re looking at four out of sixteen fighters with fire-based attacks. I might also add that with this Fire type is now getting more representation than Fighting type in a fighting game (weird!)

    It’d be nice to see them get in Pokemon for currently missing types, like Rock or Bug. Might as well throw in Swampert since the other two Hoenn starters are there too.

  • I don’t get the hate towards all these new generation pokemon. There is such a staggeringly huge amount of them that I welcome anything that sits apart from the rest, be it a chandelier, pile of rubbish or whatever, as long as we don’t get more damn squirrels I’m fine.

    • Every new generation has a new type of electric rat. Dedenne, Emolga, Pichu if you count the breeding additions, etc etc.

  • Am I the only one who loves these type of pokemon? There are over 700. They can’t all be dinosaur and animal variants. I for one am glad that I can fight a dragon using a set of car keys.

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