One Piece Made Its Creator Stinking Rich

One Piece Made Its Creator Stinking Rich

If you've ever wondered how much money you'd make creating the biggest-selling manga ever in Japan, the answer is a lot. Good. Eiichiro Oda doesn't sleep. The dude works hard. He seems to truly love creating One Piece.

A couple years back Japanese TV show Baka Furi looked into this and reported that Oda probably makes ¥3.1 billion ($37.7 million) a year. Not bad! This figure was based on calculations that the show did, factoring in royalties, income earned from international licensing and character goods.

One Piece Made Its Creator Stinking Rich

With the insane hours he pulls, I doubt he's doing it for the money, because goodness knows he doesn't have much free time to spend it.

Top image: Baka Furi via NWK News


    I'm glad, because lord knows for the amount I've watched/read I've never *cough* spent any money on it.

      Yeah :(. The only way we can keep up to date with the release is to read the scanlations. I started reading the manga from buying the books from 1-34 I think then I couldn't wait and read the scans ever since.

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        There are now official scanlations though! A little slower than some groups but relatively cheap subscription. I enjoy comparing the translations between the official version and fangroups. Though its more just a way of paying the authors a little for their work! No excuses anymore for any of the popular Shonen Jump titles.

    Eh, he takes plenty of free time. He's had more time off in the last 3 years than I have. There's been plenty of times when it goes on 2-3 week breaks

    Pity it's so rushed that it's mostly rubbish. As a fan of fantasy and pirates I was hoping for something that had actually good world building and solid story without constantly padding it out with nonsense.
    Pity it's like so many others nowadays that story, character development, consistency of the world etc are thrown out the window to instead make sure each moment is bigger and more emotional with more shocks and twists than any other moment before.

    I'm glad someone's found the One Piece =P

    I'm only 40-50 episodes into the show but i'm really enjoying it so far! Only 900+ to go lol

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