Team Behind Just Cause 2’s Multiplayer Mod Have Cracked The Sequel

Video: Only a few weeks after Just Cause 3 was released, it appears the modding team behind Just Cause 2‘s spectacular multiplayer mod have already cracked the sequel. There’s no indication when the rest of us might be playing Just Cause 3 with a bunch of friends and strangers, but hopefully it’s not too far off!


  • Just Cause 2 MP was some of the most fun Ive ever had in a multiplayer setting. Just when you think you might be getting tired of it you see 30+ people grappled onto a helicopter grappled onto a plane with a tank swinging behind sail across the sky. Glorious.

    • I had a blast too, but once the beta weekends ended the community thinned out drastically. Because there was only a limited time to play it and only a handful of servers, it was absolute madness and so much fun. Once it left beta, I had trouble finding more than a dozen people in a single server and the fun was considerably harder to recapture. I hope they can get that lightning in a bottle again!

  • Tagging xbox and ps4 in this post is probably just going to kick up a teacup – I dont think this will be available on consoles

  • Is it any great surprise that they cracked it this fast?

    The developers brought them in at several points during development…

  • I feel like this should have been a baseline feature for Just Cause 3, because all you have now in terms of innovation for the sequel us better graphic design, a wingsuit, and unlimited bombs, all fine things but I can’t understand why they didn’t try for a multiplayer mode right out of the box!?

    • Why bother when someone will do it for you for free? They had these modders involved during development for this exact reason. Basically free labour.

      • Yeah true but it kind of disincentivises any reason I have to get the console version and it misses the whole point of doing a sequel.

        Almost every (non COD) sequel in recent years adds features that fans wanted or couldn’t be tackled in the previous iteration, people say the shooting is still awful in JC3, so what has actually improved?

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