Optic Gaming Is Getting The Biography Treatment

Optic Gaming, consistent big player in the competitive Call of Duty circuit, will have its trials and tribulations written about in a new book, Optic Gaming: The Making Of eSports Champions.

Apparently publisher Harper Collins calculates that eSports has enough interest now for people to want to read about all the behind-the-scenes action of their favourite teams.

Careers in eSports are usually over quite quickly, with players retiring at around 22 years of age — though with the rise of MOBA gaming, that number is increasing. Considered one of the best CoD players in the world, Optic's Nadeshot retired eight months ago, but will be included in the book as a crucial part of the team. Fwiz is also an interesting story, as he went from Optic player to the head of Youtube Gaming globally.

Harper Collins says that Optic will be "Laying bare their lives, exploring what it takes to make it in professional gaming, and speaking honestly about the consequences of their newfound fame." There already seems to be a bit of narrative control, with the book's description calling Nadeshot the "biggest eSports personality on Earth". Umm... Fatality? Flash? JaeDong? Boxer? MC? Amaz? Reynad? Bjergsen? Xiao8? Armada? Daigo? JustinWong? I could go on. Hopefully that's just a sales line and the book cuts down on the "greatest ever" rhetoric, or it'll be seen more as a propaganda piece.

Fame is an interesting part of it, though — espcially in the Call of Duty scene, where prize money isn't enough to keep your team afloat. Winning is great, but its main role is providing credibility to what really makes you successful: Building a personal brand. But with such young subjects, will there really be enough content to make a full book interesting? We'll see when it's released on on April 27th. Expect it to be around normal price for an ebook, and I wouldn't rate my chances finding a physical version on our shores.


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