P.T. Inspired ‘Visage’ Launches Its Kickstarter Today

P.T. Inspired ‘Visage’ Launches Its Kickstarter Today

When I covered this creepy P.T-meets-Amnesia indie game last week I mentioned that they were planning to release a Kickstarter on an as-yet unknown date. Surprise! It’s today!

The Kickstarter for Visage is asking for a fairly modest $CAD35,000 (around $35,400 in AUD) to make their game. It seems achievable enough, with $CAD1685 already raised and 44 days to go, but I have to wonder whether it will be enough for them to complete the game to the standard they’re aiming for. A $50k stretch goal also promises VR support, for those lucky people who have the spare cash for an Oculus Rift (or any of the other VR platforms releasing this year).

In my last story I noted that SadSquare had gone quiet over the last few months of last year, and they told me that they were just “in hiding for a bit, while we buried our heads in our monitors and keyboards and focused on working on the game.” You can now see some of the results of that hard work, as the Kickstarter has released with a new 12 minute long gameplay trailer that shows off some of the more Amnesia-esque elements of the game. Fullscreen it and turn up the sound if you dare.

One of the reasons that this game appeals to me is definitely because the creators seem to have the same taste in horror as I do. The trailer’s tense section in the closet gives off a definite The Conjuring vibe, and this inspiration is even alluded to in the Kickstarter page — the $1500 reward invites you to “Design a scare that includes one of our antagonists. (For example, Antagonist #1 is hiding in a closet. When you come near it, he says, “Wanna play hide-and-clap?” and claps his hands… wink wink.)”

The Kickstarter also provides details on a few of the other features of the game, such as a ‘stress’ meter that may be something similar to Amnesia’s ‘sanity’ feature, object interactivity and a need to search drawers and cabinets, and the fact that “dying will be part of the game”. I can’t wait.

After a few years of popularity, we’re starting to see a step away from crowdfunding by the gaming community, with many thoroughly questioning its virtues and faults. Another P.T. inspired game, Allison Road, recently canned its Kickstarter after finding a publisher in Worms developer, Team17. It will be interesting to see how Visage does with theirs — but in case you can’t tell, I’m hoping for a success.