Pacifist Call Of Duty Player Refuses To Shoot The Bad Guys

Pacifist Call Of Duty Player Refuses To Shoot The Bad Guys

Kent Sheely is playing through the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, only he’s doing it with one very strict rule: no killing.

OK, so it’s a little more complicated than that, but that’s the gist:

An attempt to play through Call of Duty: Modern Warfare without killing anyone. The rules are I’m only allowed to kill when the game will not let me proceed in any way without doing so (usually in a glorified cutscene, such as the kind that require me to shoot a vehicle before the story can proceed).

Kirk dabbled in this last year during a driving sequence, and of course we all know that you don’t have to shoot the hinges, but those were isolated instances. This is playing through the entire game.

It’s interesting/hilarious to see someone able to go so far through a game that’s only about killing without, well, doing the only thing the game was designed to do.

Watch enough of this and it starts to feel like a whole new game. Kirk’s car ride was like a theme park ride, but an entire game is different. No longer are you some badarse British or American soldier. You’re the world’s bravest/dumbest war reporter.

He’s not done yet, but if you want to watch the whole playlist, you can catch it here.


  • Really doesn’t say much for the game’s campaign if player participation is 99% optional.


    • Oh no, this military simulator game doesn’t rely on me to do everything and I have teammates that actually do the work for me, what a shitty game.

      Alternatively: this game requires me to personally kill every enemy, what are my teammates even doing, omfg what a shit game. >:(

      • That it, internets got to argue about something. Case in point, I’ve just been playing Gears of War Ultimate with my brother on Insane. Its frustrating seeing the two AI chumps; Cole and Baird act so stupid – running through the middle of a firefight so they can thump an enemy, getting shot by everyone and everything on the way there. Or.. they keep walking infront of you blocking your shot. Still having a lot of fun with my bro, just so out of place when the enemy AI seems to be a whole lot better. Shooting from cover, moving to flank, etc.

  • Can it really be called a “pacifist” run if you’re just standing idly by as other people shoot the enemy for you? Isn’t pacifism about discouraging violence?

    • By not supporting your buddies you’re also getting more of them killed. Logic can be applied to anything.

  • I’d be really interested to know how he made it through the TV station and abandoned fairground levels without shooting anyone at all. Those are hard enough when you’re allowed to shoot back.

    Also, if the game requires you to shoot at stuff set points, while I see the interest from a game mechanic standpoint, then you’re not really making a valid point about non-participation in the game are you?

  • I also like videos of Battlefield where guys run around and jerk off and don’t help the team at all… and still manage to win.

  • I played Where’s Wally on this page, but instead of Wally I looked for the hidden butthurt.

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