President Of Marvel Heroes Developer Quits Because He Missed Making Games

It's not often that you hear about someone climbing to the very top of the chain in development only to tear everything up and start all over again — but that's just what one CEO has done to kick off his 2016.

David Brevik's been heading up Gazillion Entertainment, the developers of the Marvel Heroes free-to-play MMOs, since 2009. But Brevik made his name well before then as a president at Blizzard for a decade and one of the project leads on the original Diablo games.

It's those days that the veteran developer supposedly misses, being in the trenches coding, creating things from scratch. So he's walked away from his position to become an indie developer once more.

"I went from Creative Director to the head of all Gazillion studios (there were many locations back in those days)," Brevik wrote on the Marvel Heroes 2015 forums. "Slightly after that, I was promoted to President and COO of the company and I became more and more distant from the project that brought me to Gazillion. About six months before Marvel Heroes launched, I became CEO, which is the position I have held for about three years now."

"As CEO, I spent most of my time running the company. I played the game a lot, talked about the game a lot and added lots of feedback and new ideas, but that is a very different job than being a Creative Director. After doing this for several years, I really want to get back to developing games and programming. I got into this industry to make games and I miss the day-to-day creation process."

Brevik thanked the community, his colleagues and family for the last seven years at Gazillion and confirmed that he will return to "programming and making games". "We will have more information about that in the future," he noted.


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