Psychonauts 2 Reaches Its US$3.3 Million Goal

After a lengthy campaign with a lot of effort, Psychonauts 2 has finally reached its target.

The campaign still has 5 days remaining, but Double Fine has raised the requisite amount of funds from fans to move forward. It's worth remembering that Double Fine will also be getting additional funding from an external partner, while contributing money from their own coffers.

Psychonauts 2 isn't scheduled for release until the spring of 2018 (Australian time, remember), and the minimum you need to pledge if you want to get Psychonauts 2 for less than retail price is US$39. It'll cost an extra US$18 if you want a Xbox One or PS4 edition; the digital downloads are for PC, Mac and Linux only.


    "A fool and his money will soon be parted"

      Seems like quite a few have already parted ways...

        Still. Once burnt twice shy....or third fourth and fifth with Schaeffer...

      Spoken like a truly bitter person. Lighten up, my friend. :)

    So, when this is a disappointing flop, can we please stop giving Double Fine money?
    Unless it's for Brutal Legend 2! Then we can give him ALL the monies!

      Pretty sure Brutal Legend flopped pretty hard too.

        It did. Just stupidly pointing out how sense gets washed away by fandom in a really clumsy way.

        Flopped but its renowned as a great game.

          I never played it but heard it was kind of hard to play on consoles due to RTS elements (which were completely hidden in all marketing due to it being a death word for console games).

            The RTS stuff was nowhere near as bad as the naysayers kept ranting on about. It wasn't simple either. It could've been refined tbh, but it worked well.

            The biggest issue the game had was it had a ton of backtracking and got a tad boring now and then, but the sheer joy of all the rock god cameos was worth it.

              The single player campaign in Brutal Legend really seemed to be designed as an extended tutorial for how to play one of the factions in the multi-player mode. Which was a bit of a shame, given that I never managed to complete a multi-player match (on PS3: the few I tried were unplayable due to lag).

              I did play a few against bots, which gave me a chance to try out the other two factions that you'd miss if you only touch the single player campaign.

      No one is forcing you to pre-order through the crowd funding site, or even play the games once they are complete. What difference does it make to you whether they continue to make games?

        I should point out, I'm not against them making games, or people paying for them. I'm against people paying them in advance for something that's an unknown quality.
        And I got burned on DF9.

          I bought Spacebase DF9 too. I was disappointed that they stopped development, but that's the risk you take with early access. I bought it in a sale though, so I think I got sufficient hours of enjoyment from the betas to justify what I paid.

          It's not clear that the same is likely to happen here though: Spacebase was a new game in a niche genre, while Psychonauts 2 is in a more popular genre and has the built in fan base that comes from being a sequel.

          Now whether you should invest of Fig rather than just use it as a regular crowd funding pre-order is another matter: it is far less clear that you'd see a return on investment in a reasonable amount of time.

      What if it's an awesome flop? Which is essentially what happened to the original Psychonauts.

      I quite like Double Fine games. How about I stop giving them money when they stop making games I like?

      What's the bet that Double Fine's next crowdfunding attempt is Brutal Legend 2. ;)

      Last edited 07/01/16 12:23 pm

        If it were... that would be the only one I would find myself hypocritically backing. lol

    Start the countdown to Tims "we need more money because though I make great games I cant budget for shit" kickstarter...

    My psychonauts figures are dancing across my desk

    Found the gator

    Are they still considered independent, or are they now beholden to the mysterious secret investor?

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