Psychonauts Is Coming To PS4

Briefly: The PS2 version of Psychonauts will come to PS4 this autumn, Double Fine announced today. Big year for Raz and crew.


  • I had heard so much positive praise for this game, I finally got myself a copy on PS2 about a year ago. I was really excited to play it, but after a couple of hours, I sold it. Didn’t really enjoy it much at all. The characters are all horrendously ugly (probably intentional, but still), the voice-acting is really irritating and the gameplay does nothing for me… And I’m a huge platformer fan! I assume the game must get much better later on in the story…

    • The platforming gets tons better after the 3rd (4th?) level, where you gain the ability to manifest thought bubbles, which allow you to run (roll), bounce and glide/float. After that, movement around the game becomes fantastic.
      The levels themselves keep getting better throughout the game too. Later you go to an insane asylum and invade the minds of some inhabitants. Some of the later levels are so bizarre and brilliant. Especially the Milkman Conspiracy!

    • Basically what Andy says. The level design starts to really pick up from when you try crossing the lake (Lungfishopolis). Don’t want to ruin it for you, because they have to be played to be understood. Seriously best platform level design in any game I’ve played, and I’m a huge platformer fan.

      Just another thing, though. The PS2 version is horrible. Audio cut-outs, game save bugs, no widescreen, performance problems. If you’re going to play it, do it on the original Xbox or a PC.

      From what I understand, the PS4 version is going to be redone with improved textures. Hopefully they also fix up the bugs too.

  • The game is brilliant in many ways, but also terrible in others. Im glad they are brining it to PS4, I’ll play it again for sure, but it would also be a good opportunity for them to clean up some of the control problems in the game.

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