Rainbow Six Player Gets Abandoned By Team, Still Kicks Everyone's Arse

Rainbow Six Player Gets Abandoned By Team, Still Kicks Everyone's Arse

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical team-based shooter where lone wolf tactics are often punishable by swift, well-deserved death. But what happens when all your teammates leave a match and you have no choice but to go it alone? For most, it's certain doom. For one player, it was an opportunity. Ben St-Lo was abandoned by his teammates in the overtime rounds of a tied Rainbow Six Siege match. Staring down the barrel of a 1 vs 5 walloping, he did what any (ir)rational person would: hunkered down and prepared for war.

In the pre-match phase of the first 1 vs 5 round, the other team surrounded St-Lo with their drones. They leaped around him like laughing hyenas licking their chops for a feast. He threw a bomb and didn't even try to flee from the explosion, giving them a round. It was at that point that something possessed St-Lo to actually try.

In the second overtime round, St-Lo was on the offensive, so he got to open the match with a drone. He went in, took note of some enemy positions, and then went to work. First, two brilliantly aimed kills from a distance. The other team hardly knew what hit them, despite the fact that only one thing could be hitting them. After that, another member of the opposing team burst outside to try and rush St-Lo, a manoeuvre that proved fatally foolish. The remaining two enemies — now aware that they were dealing with some kind of goddamn Predator — were determined not to make the same mistake.

Carefully, methodically, St-Lo probed with a few shots (to try to get them to come out investigate) and then a grenade. He then began reconnaissance with his drone... just in time to catch a member of the other team sprinting down the stairs. One more down, one left. Upon finding the main level objective, he also found his last enemy hiding around a corner. Round over. St-Lo wins.

Overtime round three began — match point for both teams. St-Lo was on defence, and he ran to a corner that provided decent cover on all sides. His five opponents were clearly rattled, though. One tried to bust through a window and ate lead. The others took advantage of their fallen comrade's distraction and tried to secure the level objective. Despite a few seriously tense showdowns — especially once the other team started detonating explosives to create distractions — St-Lo continued his Terminator-like trudge through a packed enemy field. One kill, then another, then another. The last tried to sneak up on St-Lo, but he knew exactly where they'd be entering and just... waited. For a minute or so, unwavering. Then he pounced. Then he won.

I can only imagine the other team freaking out over their microphones. A single dude annihilated them. Admittedly, their teamwork was pretty shit, essentially turning the match into a series of 1 vs 1 skirmishes that favoured St-Lo — the significantly more individually skilled player — instead of the coordinated slaughter it could've been. Still, it's quite an accomplishment on St-Lo's part, especially given that even a single wrong move would have meant his untimely end. He wouldn't have just lost a round; he would have lost the whole game.


    Played a game a few nights ago, was left in a similar situation, joined a game in progress, the team was 2 rounds down, they all left... i was all alone and the other team offered pistols only to even the playing field, took out 3 in 1v1 situations, but got destroyed when the last 2 cornered me from opposite sides.

    Used to have this happen in CS tournaments a lot, back in the 00s. Only it wasn't from the team leaving so much as all rushing a predictable path and getting taken out by a single frag grenade tossed over a wall, or by rushing a killzone. >.

    I did this once in a ranked Counter strike match.

    Just as I won the match, my teammates proceeded to vote kick me out of the game since I was the only aussie on the team (aus server). They were a party of 4 middle eastern guys.

    Never knew i could rage that hard until that day.

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