Rainbow Six Siege Update Fixes Server Issues

Briefly: Rainbow Six Siege just got a big update. 1.2 is not meant to fix all top issues, but it does improve hit registration (again), server tick rate and matchmaking. Basically, if the game pissed you off with server issues or lopsided matchmaking (hi, that's me), it might be time to give it another shot.


    Good stuff, the game has been shocking the last week with bad server wait times and matchmaking was all over the shop!

    They also need to include a kick feature, so many dicks TK'ing at spawn, knowing they can kill 1 person per round and be safe.
    Or make it that if you TK within the first 30s your out.

      Did they change this feature recently? Somebody spawn killed me (Presumably because I took the Operator they wanted to play as lol), somebody started a vote and then he was kicked from the game. They don't have this feature anymore?

        hmmm maybe i missed an update, this game was last week so its very possible its been added now.

          iirc you can select their gamertag ingame and vote to kick. Cant remember exactly how but me and a few mates have definitely votekicked trolls and this was 2+weeks ago.

        It auto-kicks if you team kill 2 people however I think you can do a manual kick for any reason if enough people back the vote.

    This game was in dire need of these fixes, the matchmaking would sometimes just sit there for 10+ minutes but if you left and rejoined you would get into a match in 30 seconds.

      My mates and I re-queue if it gets to the 3 minute mark in case it's bugged. Such a pain though.

    Have they included an in game mute option yet? I'm the lucky guy that gets stuck on the side with all high pingers and speaking french or something or who just shout at everyone how bad we are because we let him die in the opening rush...

      Yeah there's a mute and a manual kick in the same menu (hitting the touchpad on ps4).

      The game has had an in game mute function since launch.

    Have they patched console versions where you can't connect to your friends but can connect to randoms

    Patch seems to have fixed some of the connectivity issues. Matchmaking seems better, but it still does take a long time where the quicker method is to cancel the queue and rejoin.

    These silly little bugs and glitches is disappointing considering how fun the game is!

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