Remember When $US600 Was Too Much For An Oculus?

Remember When $US600 Was Too Much For An Oculus?

Briefly: I found this quote thanks to this tweet. It’s from an AllThingsD interview with Oculus founder Palmer Luckey in 2013. (I get that things change, but…ouch.)


  • This is what disturbs me most, before he became wealthy, he seemed to understand that the way for VR to be successful, was for it to be affordable in its first iteration, capture the mainstream, get the big userbase and then the developers would follow.
    It didn’t have to be ‘the best’, it just had to be immersive and have the wow factor, which a sleeker looking DK2 could have done. They sold the DK2 for $350, they should have been aiming for a similar price for the retail product.

    Coupled with his comments when the Facebook buyout happened, that it would be good for VR because it would allow them to “greatly lower the price of the rift“, it looks like along the way the money bath made him lose sight of his original goal.

    “Responding in Reddit’s Oculus section to the question, “How is this what’s best for VR technology?”, Luckey said that, “This deal specifically lets us greatly lower the price of the Rift.”
    Oculus has stated previously that their target price for a consumer virtual reality headset would be around $300. With the Oculus Rift DK2 going on sale last week for $350, it can be assumed that Luckey’s comment applies to the forthcoming consumer version of the Oculus Rift. If the company could bring the cost down to $100 per headset, it would surely go a long way toward widespread adoption of VR.”

  • I never bought the DK2 because i thought “hey its a development kit, when a product is fully released it’s not only an improvement but generally cheaper due to being able to figure out ways to reduce cost and streamline the entire process”…. should’ve bought a DK2 😛

  • From the same article:
    Luckey: The other thing is, it’s possible to make better hardware if you sell it at that lower price point. When you can sell thousands of something, or tens or hundreds or millions of something, you can afford to put better components into it than if you were only making a hundred of these things for $10,000 each. There are people who’ve said, “You should sell a version with better specs for $1,000,” but it’d be better to sell it for $200 and sell more of them.

  • It needs mainstream support for developers to fully embrace it. A 2 to 3k system plus over a grand for the rift will mean only the affluent gamers can afford it. Hopefully the htc/steam solution will be more reasonable pricing wise. I was expecting 600 as a maximum for the rift and this is double that and I can’t believe that people will pre order it at that price without knowing too much about the support it will receive moving forward.

    • Well, the pre-order didn’t take any money, I think as the release date gets closer a bunch of people will pull out.

      • Specially after SONY drops the bomb on everybody. I think they are going to bring Jack Tretton out of retirement for this one.

        I can picture it;

        Somewhere in the Alpines, a helicopter lands,

        “Sir, we need you to deliver this sentence at E3”

  • Prices like these are why I wait till things are mainstream and developed and buy it 3-4 years down the track.

  • If it came with the haptic hand controller thingies then I probably be pretty happy with the price. But yeah $599 is what I will likely save for something more useful down the track.

    • Which reminds me, they have yet announce a price for those. When they do we have to pay tax and shipping again.

  • If HTC Vive undercuts them, or even matches that price, people are going to change some of those orders.

    But, they are doing expensive tracking and including motion controllers. I can’t believe they both went for the high end and left mainstream wide open.

  • I will wait to see what the Sony version is like as i don’t have a good enough PC right now so it sounds better to me to just get Sony’s version for the PS4.

  • well as of today to get it in my hands its going to cost upwards of $1100 AUD, not to mention the controllers are extra.. considering i have 4 games compatible its just not worth paying hundreds of dollars extra just to experience the games in VR

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