Riot Wants To Create A Mural In A Major Oceanic City

Not long after construction began on the main reward for last year’s festivities, Riot has announced the return of Ocean Week for 2016. And factoring in the hardcore nature of the League of Legends community and their uncanny capacity for completing tasks, it’s almost inevitable that they’ll achieve the biggest reward for this year.

Riot’s landing page says that if summoners manage to win the final battle of Ocean Week, while successfully “defending five cities” — meaning players have to raise a certain amount of points by playing games against other humans — a wall mural will be created “in a major Oceanic city”.

“The mural will be created by the winner of the Fan Art Contest, in collaboration with a professional artist. The mural will be there for between 6 and 12 months (depends on local regulations),” Riot wrote.

The final battle will occur during the last two days of Ocean Week, presumably to avoid the inconvenience that happened last year where players unlocked the final reward with more than half the week to spare. It’s a clever little tweak but it also fits into the structure they’ve created, although I think it’d be staggering if the Oceanic community didn’t smash the final battle while saving every single city along the way.

The second element of this wall mural is that a professional artist will collaborate with the best 2D fan art (digital, painted, drawn, or any other fashion you choose) as selected by Riot. The developer will select a shortlist of 24 artists, from which point the community will vote on the top 10 and the overall winner.

Entries for the fan art contest close at 11:59 PM on January 31, while Ocean Week itself kicks off from January 23. The final battle to determine whether planning on the mural will begin starts from January 30.

Question is: what city would you put the mural in? My gut tells me Melbourne would be the most welcome location, given its history with supporting graffiti and street art, although I can also see somewhere in Sydney’s inner suburbs working simply because of its proximity to Riot’s offices (thereby giving Riot more opportunities to lobby the council). What do you think?

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