It's a new year, and therefore that means a new set of Scribbletaku doodles! Let's kick off 2016 with something intriguing.

This image comes courtesy of InterestingMix, who admits that the game in question was "objectively crappy". What is it, I wonder?

(As an aside, if you're wondering about the last Scribbletaku of 2015: I don't have the answer for that, since it's lost in Mark's email and he's currently busy being a new Dad to a second baby boy! Most of you know by now, but if not it's a good time to send your congratulations.)

Don't forget, if you feel like sending in your own scribble, launch it in this direction.


    Hey Hey!!!

    Grats to Papa Bear Serrels!!!
    Hope all are doing well mate!

    as for the above... is it Mutant Big Macs getting an RSS feed? (I have no idea)

    Reminds me of that goddamn MS Office paperclip thing.

    erm, Metroid Prime 2? Something from the echo visor mode mebbe?

    Biker Mice from Mars!

    Happy new year everyone!

    Happy New Year all. Can't believe I didn't notice this in use yesterday (How dare I go on Holidays and actually relax instead of using the internet)

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