Nobody got yesterday's Scribbletaku, so it's time for a second round!

I'm not surprised that this one was a little difficult to pick, since it's pretty damn obscure. Well played to InterestingMix for picking such an obscure title, I guess!

Here's a hint: it's a game from the Sega Master System. If nobody picks it today, I'll reveal the answer with tomorrow's Scribbletaku. Until then, keep guessing!

And keep in mind if you feel like sending in your own scribble, launch it in this direction.



    Ren and Stimpy?

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    I know it but I can't remember the name. You fly in the little ship. It's got an oddly deceptive name.


        DingDingDing. Nice Work. Of course I go on holiday with no internet when Mark uses my Scribble. Now I have to go back and have a read through yesterday's fun and guessing.

        This was one of the only games I had growing up, so I played it to death and images of it are burned into my brain. Was really excited when I tracked down a copy at a pawn shop a few months ago, it's just as craptacular as I remember. (God I LOVE it).

        If you ever see another scribble from me, remember this: It'll probably be another budget Master System title.

    You see @markserrels? This is what happens when you go have a baby. Scribbletaku goes unguessed in to the second day. Is that what you wanted? Is it?

    Nah, congrats though.

    Those things look like burgers so I'm going to guess "Mick and Mack: Global Gladiators"

    I know it's not it, but all I can think of is BurgerTime. Goddamn I used to love that game.

    Fantasy Zone

      That would have been my guess.

      So instead I'll say Space Harrier because I bloody loved Space Harrier.

      I'd have made this guess yesterday, But I prefer Haitaku to Scribbletaku. Rarely bother opening these posts.

    Once he said it was for the master system, I thought it may have been Teddy Boy. But I couldn't find anything online matching it. Now I'm pretty sure that @dogman and Khadaji's combined suggestion of Transbot is spot-on:

    Is it not Casino Night Zone from Sonic The Hedghog 2?
    EDIT: Sorry, didn't read the rest of the comments. And now that I've given it more thought, the flashy casino burgers I was thinking of look distinctly different to this scribble. Not to mention Sonic 2 is in no way obscure. xD

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