It took two days, but finally Khadaji got it: yesterday's Scribbletaku was Transbot! Now it's time for a new image.

This one comes courtesy Silent, who notes that there are bonus points available. It'd be giving too much away to say what those are for, but if you can identify what this is then you'll probably instantly get what I'm hinting at.

Get guessing! And don't forget if you feel like sending in a scribble of your own, send it in this direction. Otherwise I'll have to start drawing. And trust me, you don't want that (I don't play fair).


    Mega Man on Game Boy!

      I was thinking the same thing! But after looking at screenshots the numbers are 0123 not 1234 :(

      Unless maybe the drawing is a FRAUD!

      Last edited 07/01/16 1:14 pm

    all I can see is Battleships

    Mario Picross

      Cant be the picross games use only numbers as reference to lines taken up, not letters.

    That is the Dr wily stage code (after beating all 4 initial stages) from Megaman: Dr wily's revenge on the gameboy

      Damn beat me too it.

      EDIT: odd, i replied to Mrtaco at the top and ended up here..

      Last edited 07/01/16 12:53 pm

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