Congratulations to Count Gooku yesterday! Rapacity nailed it as well about 20 minutes later, but the Count got in first. Yesterday's Scribbletaku was indeed the password to Dr. Wily's Revenge from the Game Boy edition of Mega Man.

It was also the password for Wily's castle, but nobody pointed that out. So no arbitrary bonus points for anyone. Let's move on!

This one's an in-house special and comes courtesy of Amanda, our morning sub-editor. It's pretty good; it'll be interesting to see how long it takes everyone.

Don't forget: if you want to play along and have your scribble featured, send it through to this email. Happy guessing!


    Crap that looks so familiar i don't think it is but is is Dead or alive Volleyball?

    Poison in Final Fight

    I want to say the Rampage Series? not sure what one but all they're Sprites are pretty similar.

    Uh, Rapacity DID mention the level:

    Think that merits DOUBLE bonus points now. :_p

    Yie Ar Kung Fu

    (or Yie Ar Kung Fu 2, just in case)

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