It wasn't heralded, but nice work Brains: you correctly spotted last week's Scribbletaku as Operation Wolf. Nice job.

Today's effort is a little special. Because nobody sent one in, and it's about time, I figured I'd start the week my unleashing my artistic wizardry on you all. I'm not very good. I'm also not very nice.

Same rules apply as always: if nobody gets it by tomorrow, I'll provide a hint on Tuesday. And if you want to have your scribble featured, flick it through to this email. Good luck!


    That circuitry looks REALLY familiar, just can't put my finger on it.

    Trauma Center New Blood? Longshot but I'd swear I've seen something like that in a TC game

    It reminds me of a game like FTL: Faster Than Light

    System Shock 2.

      Dang, the one day I don't tune in to Scribbletaku at midday.

    Metroid Prime - Samus Arm Cannon.

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