Saladrity was the winner with yesterday's Scribbletaku and Khadaji followed up with more detail, so congratulations to both of you! It was indeed from Wipeout 3.

Let's try for something a little more subversive today, then.

This one's an in-house special, courtesy of yours truly. Let's see how long it lasts this time!

Want to see how your scribble fares? Flick it through to this email. Good luck!


    God dammit why do I feel like I know this?

    Not Wind Waker :P

    Well, it's not the Standard Intergalactic Alphabet, nor Pokemon alphabet, nor the Fez alphabet. It kind of looks like the Precursor alphabet so maybe Jak and Daxter?

    Jak and Daxter, the Precursor Legacy?

    Blinx 2?

    Last edited 13/01/16 12:26 pm

    Argh. Feels like a puzzle from one of the Myst games, Riven maybe.

    It's outcast, very good game, waaay ahead of it's time

    Omikron did borrow quite a few bits from this one I think (or maybe it was the other way around, I can't remember when it came out)

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