Hello everyone. I am back and I am back on ScribbleTaku. It's been a while since I've been ritually humiliated by you all and I'm looking forward to another year of my carefully crafted scribbles being guessed in three minutes by you goddamn savants.

Happy new year. Take it easy on me.


    Gotta be Metroid Prime.

    Also what was the one from... the 18th of December I think? The one that looked like it must be an SSX game, if I remember right.

    Looks an awful lot like the rocket launcher from Duke Nukem 3d. Either that or Metroid Prime.

      Duke3D ftw!

      I would also throw in a guess for Duke Nukem 3D

      Yup, 100% when I saw it I knew that one :) duke3d!

    Biker Mice from Mars!

    Also congratulations mark on the new addition!

    What was the last one from Thursday/Friday?

      I'd like to know too :(

        Oh hi! The answer was Sleuth, the game from 1983, with Sleuth 2: The Hunt being the sequel that I referred to in the hint.

      Sleuth? Never heard of it. But at least it has the ASCII (or whatever) character in it. I'm pretty sure a lot of games used that...,591551/

        Aha! Here's the character chart that includes it, IBM-PC / DOS code page 437 -

        So it's an early iteration of Unicode U+263A or U+263B, "smiley face" characters.

        Next up: recognise a game by this generic font set ;)

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