Honestly, I feel like Planky's ScribbleTaku might be one of the hardest ones ever. Thankfully, he sent in a second clue.

Here's the first for reference...

Good luck!


    Worms, dunno which one, I'll go with the first one

    Last edited 20/01/16 12:18 pm

      Looks very Worms like, and judging by the pixelation, I'd say the first one too.

    Keen 4!!

      Damn it, in the time it took me to log on you beat me to it.

        I was thinking the same thing, when rushing trying to log in. :-p

      @markserrels, I wasn't expecting the whole picture to be posted - made it too obvious! :D

      Well done linkwick

      Last edited 20/01/16 12:37 pm

      Dammit. Well done
      Though i think the stoner trees in the background would have been funnier.

      Last edited 20/01/16 1:23 pm

      I used to love playing Pong on his wrist computer from the main menu after beating the game. My main question is how did so many goddamn Wizards get kidnapped by worms that pooped acid and bouncing balls?

      Also, I'm 30 years old and still talk about the Stupendous Sandwich of Chungella IV (from Keen 6, but still).

    Commander Keen!

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