Well it looks like you guys and girls may have struggled with Silent Flame's ScribbleTaku. Never fear! He delivered a second image for your perusal!

For reference, here's yesterday's scribble!

Good luck everyone!


    Adventures of lolo?

      Very likely! Usually drawn with hints of arms though iirc.

      Yeah was going to say that or something from Wonderboy - Dragon's Trap

    A further hint to this would be that the second image appears in another game too, but only in 1 game with the combination of the first image

    That looks like a map of NZ, and the guy looks a bit like a kiwi, so I'm going New Zealand Story.

      Man... suck a kick ass game! I don't recall any round enemies like that though. Tis a bit of a tricky one really.. has the feel of several different games, from bomberman, bubble bobble (or some variant at least) and even a little touch of lolo and kirby...
      Also Kickle Cubicle. So many!!!

      Last edited 22/01/16 12:47 pm

    Biker mice from Mars!

      Dude, it wasnt biker mice from mars yesterday, so its not going to be biker mice from mars today. You need a backup...

      I suggest biker mice from mars 2006

    The Guardian Legend

      It has to be considering those clues. If it's not, I'll eat Mark's porridge. And I hate porridge.


      Hot damn dude, i'm glad someone finally got it!
      It's one of my favorite games from the NES and i still frequently play it

        I spent weeks on it as a kid. Based on hours played, it easily sits in my top three games of all time.

    Officially, I'm gonna have to go with Guardic or Guardic Gaiden

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